VMS-REB 3 Beteiligungen GmbH
Schenkenstrasse 4, 6th floor
1010 Vienna, Austria

Commercial register number: FN 489436i

Company court: Commercial Court Vienna

UID number: ATU73606109

Management: Paul Niederkofler, Lukas Euler-Rolle

Competent supervisory authority: Trade authority
Member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Section of Management Consulting and Information Technology

Design: Kreativstudio Marchesani GmbH

Photos: Lukas Beck



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The inherent risk of planned investments by REB 3 is not comparable in magnitude or nature to investments in securities listed on major stock exchanges. These risks are both political and economic and add to the risk associated with each equity investment.

The investment in REB 3, which predominantly invests in unquoted equity investments in crisis situations, represents risk capital and may be subject to strong fluctuations in the development of the company’s earnings and earnings. No guarantee is given that the investments intended by REB 3 will actually be entered into. In particular, the following risk factors should be mentioned:

The involvement of REB 3 in companies in crisis situations represents an above-average risk. Despite great care, REB 3 cannot guarantee the success of a corporate reorganization.

The success of REB 3 depends essentially on the marketability of the participations entered into. The general economic situation as well as the mood of the capital markets are significant determinants of the achievable sales proceeds and are outside the area of influence of REB 3.